Vritant Jain

Car Wash

If your idea of a pleasant weekend doesn’t involve a water pipe, a bucket, a sponge, and getting your clothes dirty, you might look at getting your car washed by a professional. Car wash centers are widely available and it typically takes only 10-20 minutes to get your car washed. How it’s done: There are different types of car washes available like Handwash, Automatic Car wash, Waterless Wash, and even Mobile Doorstep Car Wash. If …

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General Service

When it comes to your vehicle, prevention is 10 times cheaper than cure. There are lots of ways to kill a perfectly good vehicle, and neglecting periodic maintenance is the biggest one. General service is carried out in regular intervals typically every 10,000 km/6 months depending on your vehicle and type of oil used. How it’s done: General service usually starts with a complete vehicle checkup and might include a test drive along with the …

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How to keep your car shiny?

Introduction: When you first drove your car out of the showroom, it was new, shiny and sparkling like gold. Every car owner wants to keep the cars new and shining all the time. Spending a hefty amount of money for the car wash is a waste of time and effort taking. Keeping cars clean requires the right material and approach to achieve it. Be it a new car or old keeping car shining is an …

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Car Sanitization

When it comes to their own safety, no one wants to miss out on any chance for themselves, their children, or family members. If you are someone who spends most of the time behind the wheels then, you should be aware that everything that is exposed to the environment is lethal and prone to diseases. If you are protecting your body, then, it is also important to do it for your cars as well. How …

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