Car Wash

If your idea of a pleasant weekend doesn’t involve a water pipe, a bucket, a sponge, and getting your clothes dirty, you might look at getting your car washed by a professional. Car wash centers are widely available and it typically takes only 10-20 minutes to get your car washed.

How it’s done:

There are different types of car washes available like Handwash, Automatic Car wash, Waterless Wash, and even Mobile Doorstep Car Wash.

If you have the time, Handwash is always the safest way to get it done. Typically, the mechanic starts with covering the exterior surfaces in which the vehicle is covered with foam and rinse the car off. From there, he washes the wheels and tyres.

Waterless Wash is a more eco-friendly option and typically it is done by using a water-based chemical like 3M Waterless Wash.

You can also opt for an Automatic Car Wash also known as tunnel washes. While they are not as safe as hand washing your car, they are less and expensive and take a lot less time.

How important is this service?

We recommend washing your car at least twice a month .: Dirt, Bird droppings and tree sap can wreck your car’s clear coat and corrode the paint. Washing regularly will prevent damage to your car’s coat and preserve its value.