How to keep your car shiny?


When you first drove your car out of the showroom, it was new, shiny and sparkling like gold. Every car owner wants to keep the cars new and shining all the time. Spending a hefty amount of money for the car wash is a waste of time and effort taking. Keeping cars clean requires the right material and approach to achieve it. Be it a new car or old keeping car shining is an obsession for many. There are some remedies that you can follow on your own to keep your car shiny and glimmering.

Ways to keep your car shiny:

Park your car safe:
Not everyone can afford a garage, even in public places or backyards find a shady spot since sunlight is harmful. If possible, keep it under a roof to avoid stains from birds and animals. Weather plays an important role, protecting your car from direct sunlight as the radiations can fade the paints and lose its lustre. A sheltered place is suitable to park the car as it will also prevent the headlights and lamps from yellowing. Keep your car away from playgrounds and crowded places. Children playing can mess your car and the damage can be brutal.
Use Cover:
If you are parking below a tree or any public places make sure you properly cover your car. It helps to save your paint to a great extent. It takes less effort to put and get rid of those covers. Keep them in your car and use it whenever it is required. Do not cover a dirty car as the covers drag the dust and produce scratches and swirl marks on the surface. Also, clean the cover once in 2 weeks.
Use Microfibre cloth and cleaning material:
Microfibre cloth is soft, non-abrasive and absorbent that is less prone to scratches and marks while rubbing. Microfibre cloths are cheaper and easily available online. Keep separate clothes for drying and washing. Since it can cause swirl marks on the surface. Do not use ordinary soap or dishwashing soaps. The goal is to keep your car in the best condition. It damages the paint coating and makes the surface rough. Buy suitable car wax and use microfibre cloths for better results.
Wash car when it is necessary:
Do not spa your car daily, Wash it whenever it is required. Make a schedule between weeks for washing. Over time, the dirt will be embedded and harder to remove, the longer you leave it. Do not forget to wash the wheels and rims. After a long trip, it is better to wash your car at a local car wash, ask them to use a microfiber cloth and car wax after drying.
Repair damaged panels early:

If you find any bent or damaged panels, get rid of it as early as possible. The moment it will be exposed to the surrounding, it will start to rust. It will affect the whole body later since the rust will spread. Ultimately, the spare parts are going to break your bank.

Understand some basics:

Before cleaning, learn some basics. Grab your supplies and start. Spray the entire body with water. Dip a sponge in a bucket of washing liquids and water. Clean your car thoroughly. Do not miss small sections. Rinse with water and apply wax after it is dry. Please read the instructions for every product you use for the car wash. No not use a dry cloth as they are rough and can leave marks on the surface.

Have a showroom wash:

Once in 1-2 months, send your car for a professional wash. Experts know better than the car owner. They have certain equipment like sprayers and blowers to reach small sections. The bumper and the bottom part has maximum dirt. It can be removed by special equipment.

Keeping a car shiny is as important as keeping your body. It is a matter of regular cleaning and the right material. Hope this article covered the information about keeping cars shiny and glittering like the first day.